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Event planner & oranizer in Mallorca

09 Oct Event planner & oranizer in Mallorca


Personal meetings. Nothing can strengthen business relationships or employees like personal meetings.

Put the personal meeting in context of a successful event where you can fully focus on your customer or employees, well then it becomes a perfect combination of business and pleasure.

Through passion, innovation and extensive experience in events, we are at the forefront of packaged and tailored customer and employee activities.

The benefits of working with [The Gist] are many but here are a few of our own highlights:

  • We are a supplier of complete events. Whether you want tickets to a concert, or dive from a luxury yacht, you can turn to us.
  • We have a unique network of suppliers
  • We assure the quality of all our events and can therefore guarantee a consistently high standard
  • We help you all the way through the event, from invitation to follow up
  • We take your events seriously.

Our motto: Better events, better business