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[The Gist] is a marketing & communications agency focusing on through 
strategy, design & development in creating effective marketing communication.

Our purpose:

Communication for us is a goal, but also an instrument and an opportunity.

Our services and consulting assist and facilitate companies, organisations and brands wishing to establish, expand or launch a product or service on Mallorca

We are:

[The Gist], the essence, the core… We can be your marketing manager, project manager, ‘one-point of contact’… always with our customers’ needs in mind.

Telling a story well is a talent. Do so in order to actually influence is knowledge. We rely on traditional and modern knowledge, opportunities in new technology and our passion for communications.

We offer:

We know the Mallorca market and choose our partners carefully. Always on behalf of and with focus on our customer’s needs and requests. We want to help you to be successful. Tell us what you need and we help you.

We have many areas of expertise and our knowledge base is broad. Below we have listed some of our work and what we can do for you and what you should consider.

Mallorca is our home – Mallorca is our market


We love good ideas, products and services. We also strongly believe that a good idea, product or service has the potential to be superb if it is packaged and presented in the right way, put in the right context and brought out to the right audience.

We help you to design and implement your marketing plan. Whether it is to implement a time-limited campaign, setting up a web strategy or create a profile for a new business.

With the right focus and right channels, we can achieve a lot with very little, we like efficiency.

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Public Relations (PR).

Corporate branding and communication on a strategic level.

In PR we work with communication in editorial space. It often involves press releases and content marketing to get publicity in the news media, attention in blogs and other social media.

In what context should your brand appear? And how should you communicate internally and externally? Often there is a news-value in what a company does – we ensures that you get publicity.

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Media / Advertising.

We want to find an idea that in words and pictures convey the right message in a creative and argumentative way.

We provide specific services in areas such as graphic design, web design and print production, but generally we are working in parallel with “everything”, ie, communication, creative concept, design and production.

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Web / SEO.

We love to design and develop websites.

Never before has changes been so tightly linked to global mass communication in various forms. To search and find information on the web has become natural to millions of people. To be available and adapt to changing consumption patterns, behaviors, and ways to experience and interact with the outside world is of course an important part of what we consider to be important in communication.

Let us help you to define and find the target audience for your website or web campaign. Then we will help you to get your message across.

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- Everything is Marketing & Communication -