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09 Oct Media / Advertising in Mallorca

Media / Advertising Creation and dissemination of information which aim to illuminate and create awareness around ideas, products / services, as well as affect and change people's opinions, values ​​or actions. [The Gist] help in the process from creative idea to design, production and the most important thing...

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09 Oct PR (Public Relations) in Mallorca

PR (Public Relations) PR and communication begins with a vision of what the dialogue, written words and pictures must achieve. Communication and PR is a smart way to start processes and quickly achieve results. Without communicating what to do, will do or have done , it...

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09 Oct Event planner & oranizer in Mallorca

Events Personal meetings. Nothing can strengthen business relationships or employees like personal meetings. Put the personal meeting in context of a successful event where you can fully focus on your customer or employees, well then it becomes a perfect combination of business and pleasure. Through passion, innovation and...

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09 Oct Photographer in Mallorca

Photographer We work with both corporate and private customers and photographing everything from food and products to weddings. Yachts Real Estate Products Weddings Events Family Portraits Food Decorative Animals ...

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09 Oct Marketing Mallorca

Marketing Mallorca Transfering an idea from one mind to another is not always easy. To be clear, analyse and engage as many senses as possible are our cornerstones of good communication. To tell effectively to reach the receiver we use the same principles that have guided mankind...

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